We're pushing the digital envelope in interactive content. Here are some examples of technologies we are using or currently working on.

Software Development


We are Newtek Developers currently creating applications that integrate with the Tricaster line of products.



New Gesture Based software is in development that uses control that has never been implemented in a produciton environment. You can do things you never imagined without even touching a computer.


 Virtual Reality 360° VIDEO Live and Interactive Video Streaming






XBOX One Channel Development & Kinect App Development





We can create a private Roku channel for content owners or distributors, since it is a very cost-effective means to deliver content to a rapidly increasing number of households. 
Roku’s Streaming Player enables content owners to bypass traditional distribution routes and reach views and consumers directly. Roku’s platform allows a wide variety of channels and monetization options.

Wireless Video

Pivothead Glasses POV Live Video Streaming 

Go Pro Wireless Live Video Streaming

Aerial Drone Live Video Streaming