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Mobeon 2018 Promo Reel


Women in the World - Live Stream

Pharrell Listening Party - Interactive Live Stream on Google Hangouts
Pharrell plays his new album G I R L hosted by Red Bull Studios, the GRAMMY®s, and i am OTHER.

Twenty Million Minds Foundation - Technology in Education

Darnaa Live at the Whisky a Go Go
Wireless Multi-Camera Live Concert


Interactive 8 Camera Live Fashion Stream at the Chateau Marmont -
with Devendra Banhart, Band of Outsiders, NowFashion and Vice Magazine.


Square Enix - E3 2013

ETHIKA / MGK / DIDDY - Machine Gun Kelly Live : Multi Camera Live Stream

Trended #1 on Twitter Worldwide 

Transformers Evolution: The Documentary

Digital Cinema Production

For thirty years now the TRANSFORMERS have occupied a unique place in global popular culture.  The Transformers made their debut in 1984, introducing the world to such iconic characters as Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, and many other sentient alien robots who disguise themselves as cars, jets, and other earthly forms.  Due to the combination of compelling characters, a rich sci-fi backstory, and incredible design, the Transformers have become one of the most popular franchises in history.

Through interviews with fans and creators, TRANSFORMERS EVOLUTION will analyze the unique combination of Japanese and American cultural sensibilities which has captured the imaginations of millions of children and adults.  
From its humble origins as an offshoot of the Japanese Microman and Diaclone toylines, to the smash success of the multimedia franchise - which today encompasses toys, movies, video games, comics, novels, and even amusement park rides - we will journey through the history of the various incarnations of the Transformers. Come with us as we explore the creative, cultural, and practical influences which shaped each step of this evolution, and talk to some of the unsung heroes who have developed the core of the Transformers universe.

TRANSFORMERS EVOLUTION will thrill existing Transformers fans and create new ones.  This documentary will prove to you that the staying power of the Transformers franchise is as powerful as the mighty robots themselves.  Explore the world of the Transformers and see why they are More Than Meets the Eye.  

Release Date 2014

DELL - BATTLE IT Social TV Multi Camera Live Stream Production

Hollywood Chamber / Variety/ Ortsbo -
Slash & Charlie Sheen Walk of Fame Wireless Live Stream

Cinemaware Video Game Promo -
Digital Video Production incl. Visual FX, Green Screen, Virtual Set



World Latin Dance Cup Dec 2012 - Live Stream Production

High School - Visual Effects Production & Online Marketing

High School - Feature Film 
Theatrical Release Date 4-20-2012
Now Available on iTunes. 

A high school valedictorian who gets baked with the local stoner finds himself the subject of a drug test. The situation causes him to concoct an ambitious plan to get his entire graduating class to face the same fate, and fail.

Director: John Stalberg

Writers: Erik Linthorst (screenplay), John Stalberg(screenplay)

Stars: Adrien Brody, Sean Marquette, Matt Bush 



Rise and Shine - New Media Marketing



Rise and Shine - Feature Length Documentary 
Theatrical Release Date 11-3-2011
Now Available on iTunes and Netflix. 

Rise and Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story is the true story of a young American's impossible journey - a journey never experienced or heard of in the soccer world. After college, Jay's dream of playing pro soccer in Europe seemed unreachable. Sleeping in an attic, painting houses and eating beans and toast to survive, Jay took the most unlikely route to the top. After not making the professional leagues in the U.S., Jay left for Europe at the age of 21 without any professional experience - only apassport, $1800 and a backpack full of dreams. The film documents Jay's journey from the bottom - playing in Sunday park leagues and lower level division London clubs earning 40 pounds a week - to playing in the English Premier League - to starting in the 2010 World Cup. -- (C) Offiical Site

1 hr. 32 min.





Super Heroes - Digital Cinema Production / Footage / Content Creation

Super Heroes- HBO Documentary
Air Date 8-8-2011 - 2012
Available on Blu-Ray. iTunes& HBO GO

A journey inside the world of real life caped crusaders. From all over America, these self-proclaimed crime fighters, don masks, homemade costumes and elaborate utility belts in an attempt to bring justice to evildoers everywhere.






Spirit Digital / SBV - Live Stream Production

Latin World Dance Cup - Live Stream Production


Latin World Dance Cup
Dec. 17, 2011
Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas



Microsoft X-Box 360 Live Online Content Creation

Microsoft X-Box 
E3 - 2011 Los Angeles


iReport - ENG / Content Creation
Comic Con Reports
Featured on the Front page of